While I was working at Siemens Turkey, I saw a poster in our office.

The roots of the Turkish phrase is coming from this video I suppose (But I am not 100% sure):

I don’t want to translate it, because translation removes the power of the phrase :)

Whenever I look at that poster, I smile. Therefore, I wanted to put that also here:


“When the team is working together for long enough to remember the rules and apply them by themselves without even any kind of lead or guidance.

When the team has already built a self-operating, previously approved system and all the members are intuitively conscious about what needs to be done when.

So that the leader (i.e. scrum master for agile teams) does not feel the need of guide or assist the members and just advise them to do what ever they feel like to do.”

PS: I thank the guy who designed that poster. Unfortunately I didn’t know who prepared the poster, I will add his/her name when I learn it.